PendaLUME® 8388

PendeLUME® 8388 Cast Alloy Bulkhead Light from Hella Lighting.

PendeLUME® 8388 GLS lights are very robust, cast alloy bulkhead lights with heavy glass dome lenses. The PendeLUME® products offer IP65 weather-proof protection and are suitable for use in surface locations where the atmosphere is likely to be potentially explosive under normal operating conditions.
Each PendeLUME® light comprises a cast aluminium body and a heavy dome lens, pressed against a one piece silicone gasket by means of a heavy-duty welded wire guard, hot dip galvanised for corrosion protection, and secured with M6 hex nuts.

PendeLUME® 8388 GLS bulkhead lights are designed to use GLS lamps only and each light is fitted with an Ex d rated E27 lamp holder.

The lights are not for use in fiery mines and not suitable for use with integral control gear CFL lamps.

Two M22.5 threaded entries are provided in the cast alloy base, one sealed with a stopper and the other fitted with a PG16 compression gland. To ensure the integrity of the housing, PendeLUME® bodies must not be perforated.

HELLA PendeLUME® lights comply with IEC 60598-2-1 and DIN 49810.

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  • PendeLUME® 8388 GLS lights are highly specialised lights for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. These flameproof models equipped with specially designed and approved components, in full compliance with the appropriate national hazardous area classification standards.
  • PendeLUME® 8388 GLS lights must be installed and used in accordance with the national requirements imposed on equipment of this type of luminaire.
  • PendeLUME® 8388 GLS lights are suitable for use in potentially explosive environments in surface operations classified:
    • Zone 1 T3
    • Ex e II
    • AS 2380.2-1991
    • Exe II enclosures
100W GLS Bulkhead Light HMN8388-GLS

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