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Module 70 LED Work Light – Multivolt™ 12-24V from Hella Lighting.

Module 70 LED is an ultra compact LED work lamp for use on mining support function vehicles or in applications where mounting space is limited. The lamp provides uniform close-range illumination with 12V or 24V electrical systems. High intensity white LEDs provide energy efficient illumination in an ultra reliable design.

Module 70 LED work lamps utilise advanced materials in a unitary design that directly bonds a cast aluminium free-form (FF) reflector, clear glass lens and high temperature polymer housing into a low mass, efficient and very compact work lamp. Solid-state high-performance white LED light sources enabled the design of a ‘fit & forget,’ completely sealed work lamp that requires no service.

The very long service life of the Module 70 LED, combined with no lighting loss due to internal dirt build-up, enables the work lamps to deliver reliable lighting under extremely tough operating conditions. Low power consumption and Multivolt™ operation features, which have been pioneered by HELLA LED products, are integral to the product design.

Brilliant free-form (FF) reflector optics combined with a clear lens optimise the light distribution of the high intensity white LEDs in the Module 70 LED work lamp to provide and even illumination with maximum efficiency, reduced scatter losses and improved beam control. Maximum service life and light output of the high intensity LEDs is ensured through using the die cast aluminium body as a massive heat sink; its ergonomic shape creates an efficient and compact unit, easy to fit into confined spaces.

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  • 4 high-performance LEDs
  • Warm white light output (color temperature 6500°K)
  • 200mm double insulated cable harness with DT connector
  • Low power consumption
  • Multivolt™ 12-24V DC
  • High-sheen free-form (FF) reflector
  • Aluminium die cast housing
  • Modern clear glass lens
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • IP6K7 & IP6K9K
  • Reverse polarity and over voltage protected
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket
Module 70 LED Work Light
LED Work Light DT HM70LEDD
  • Voltage Multivolt™ 12-24V DC
  • Warm white light (6500°K)
  • Power Consumption 15W
  • Stainless steel pedestal bracket for upright, side or pendant mounting.
  • 200mm double insulated cable harness with DT connector.
  • Temperature Range -40°C to +50°C
  • Reverse polarity and Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS).
  • Fully sealed against dust and moisture to IP6K7 and IP6K9K.
  • Shock resistant to 200G.
  • HM70PR
    Pipe mount tube

  • HM70PI
    Pipe mount tube attachment

  • 9.HM70BR
    Stainless steel bracket

More information on this product
Module 70 LED work lamps have been tested to withstand extremely high levels of vibration and mechanical shock, and are highly suitable for use in applications where extreme cold and mechanical stress make other work lamps unsuitable. The low power consumption and compact size also renders Module 70 LED work lamps suitable for use inside confined spaces, with portable power packs, on new generation small equipment based on recreational vehicles, battery powered vehicles and to illuminate the equipment bays on site service vehicles and large machinery.

The Module 70 LED features a rotating base as standard, which allows vertical adjustment of + 48° to -115°, and 360° rotation adjustment. The supplied stainless steel hardware is non-resonant and highly corrosion resistant. Safe and reliable electrical connection is facilitated via 200mm length of highly flexible double insulated cable, terminated with a DT connector. Optional pipe mount adaptors with and without rotating adjustment is available. Additional variants of the Module 70 LED are available on special request.

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