HypaLUME® Heavy Duty LED Flood Light from Hella Lighting.

HELLA is proud to introduce its revolutionary HypaLUME® LED Flood Light, the first high output LED flood light designed specifically for heavy duty industry.
The HypaLUME® is suitable for both DC and AC applications. It has been designed to withstand the rigours of every demanding application by the HELLA Australia team.

By drawing on the award winning success of our mining LED work lights, latest technologies and materials, HELLA has produced a LED flood light for heavy duty applications that will provide the most economical lighting solutions.

The HypaLUME® has been designed to excel in multiple applications, where high output LED lighting is required. 56 High Power LEDs produce more than 20,000 Lumens output – the LEDs are coupled with three specialised optical distributions, so all lighting applications are catered for.

The LEDs have a color temperature of 5700K to provide a near daylight environment – ensuring high color-rendering to assist with critical work tasks.

The LED driver electronics ensure light output remains stable over a wide range of voltage variations. The HypaLUME® is also protected from reverse polarity and short circuit faults.

The HypaLUME® consumes a mere 240W at 24VDC, ensuring a luminous efficacy close to 100 Lumens per Watt. It provides the equivalent usable light level of a 400W metal halide light fitting – for far less power consumption.

The specially designed LED driver board, moulded fins for heat dissipation and LED alignment ensure advanced thermal management, drawing heat away from the LEDs to maintain the extended life guarantee offered by HELLA Mining’s class leading 5 year LED warranty.

The HypaLUME® is designed to operate over an extreme temperature range, ranging from -40°C to +50°C with no decrease in light output. A UV stable, high impact and chemical resistant, Grilamid lens protects the LEDs from environmental damage. A variety of bracket options are available including a 50G mobile equipment bracket, a 15G fixed lighting bracket, pole and cable suspension mounts, all with a wide range of aiming options.

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*Fitting only, mounting bracket will determine final value


  • In excess of 20,000 Lumens at all operating temperatures tested to LM-79-08
  • Sealed and tested to IP6K9K
  • Variety of bracket options including 50G mobile equipment bracket, 15G Fixed Lighting Bracket, Pole and cable suspension mount interfaces – All with universal aiming ability
  • Input 18-52V DC, 280 Watts Max Power Draw
  • 240W Nominal @ 24V to 48V
  • **Optional Universal Mains (100-240VAC & 50-60Hz) Input when combined with AC/DC converter
  • -40°C to +50°C operating temperature range
  • EMC approvals: ISO 13766, CE, C-tick, FCC CISPR25 Class 2 radiated emissions
  • Comes pre-wired with 1.8 Metres of high quality double insulated marine grade cable
  • Fully sealed LED requires no servicing
  • Non-stick and easy to clean surface coating
  • ** AC/DC converter is considered a component which will be installed as part of a complete installation by a suitably qualified person. The final installation must be re-confirmed that EMC directives are still met in the respective country.


  • Excavators
  • Shovels
  • Crushers
  • Blast-hole Drill Rigs
  • Workshops
  • Wash bays
  • Separation Plants
  • Underground Tunnels
  • Loading Bays
  • Fixed Light Towers
  • Warehouses
  • Conveyor Lines
  • Continuous Miners
  • Coal Handling Processing Plants
HypaLUME® Heavy Duty Flood Light
HypaLUME® Wide Beam HMF2000WMOB
HypaLUME® Close Range Beam HMF2000CMOB
HypaLUME® Long Range Beam HMF2000LMOB

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