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DuraLED® MSIP Signal Lamp from Hella Lighting.

DuraLed® MSIPs (Mine Safety Indicator Panel) are LED signal lamps offering both red and green signals in one compact housing, engineered specifically for ultra heavy-duty applications where safety is important, such as on underground transport equipment sharing space with foot traffic.
DuraLed® MSIP lamps are extremely robust, fully sealed truly “fit and forget” products, tolerant to severe vibration levels and very compact in design. A high impact and shock resistant, clear XYLEX® lens is permanently bonded to a rugged, UV damage resistant composite base for increased mechanical strength and maximum durability. HELLA engineered DuraLed® MSIP lamps to ensure a very long service life and no lighting loss due to internal dirt build-up; they are also very well suited to wet and corrosive environments and tolerate short-term immersion. (See technical section for more XYLEX® information.)

Unlike normal signal lamps, DuraLed® products are maintenance free and extremely power efficient, which greatly reduces both operating temperature and demand on the vehicle’s electrical system.

Maximum service life and light output of the high intensity LEDs is ensured through using internal heat sinks. The integral Multivolt™ control module also protects the DuraLed® MSIP against damage from overheating, reverse polarity and short circuits. (See technical section for more Multivolt™ information.)

Safe and reliable electrical connection is facilitated via a highly flexible double insulated cable, sealed into the base and terminated with tinned wire ends. Other connector options can be supplied as special orders.

DuraLed® MSIP lamps are equipped with advanced clear micro optic lenses to prevent the hazardous occurrence of “ghost” signals by internally reflected light from other sources.

The smooth ergonomic design and very low profile (under 35mm) allows DuraLed® units to be installed on almost any surface.


  • Impact resistant smooth XYLEX® lens
  • Clear precision micro optics
  • Multivolt™ 8-28V DC
  • Low power < 10W
  • Fully sealed “fit and forget” design
  • 0,5kg mass
  • 200G shock impulse resistant
  • Overheat, reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Double insulated supply cable with DT plug or tinned wire
  • Tested over a -40ºC to +70ºC temperature range
  • High efficiency, long life LED light
  • IP6K7K
  • UL94 flame retardant rated external parts
  • ROHS compliant
  • Spares interchangeable with HELLA DuraLED® range
DuraLED® MSIP Signal Lamp
Red/Green HM95905030

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