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AS200 FF Halogen – Heavy Duty Work Lamp – 12/24V from Hella Lighting.

AS200 FF Halogen is a compact and highly versatile heavy-duty work lamp for use on mining machinery; suitable for 24V and 12V electrical systems.

Good lighting is essential to create a safe and productive work area where machine operators can clearly see their work environment and identify any hazards in time to take the required action. The AS200 FF is engineered to deliver excellent lighting in the extreme environmental conditions encountered in mining applications.

AS200 FF lamps employ HELLA Free-Form optics to deliver an homogenous spread of light, enabling operators to see comfortably for long periods of time. The light distribution of the beam ensures an absence of sharp transitions from light to dark in the operator’s visual field, thus significantly reducing adaptation- related eye fatigue and stress.

The optical modules comprise of a precision-moulded specular reflector, permanently assembled to a corrosion-resistant hardened glass refractor lens and lamp holder, ensuring perfect focus of each unit. A choice of wide and narrow asymmetric beam types is available to suit different applications. (See technical section for more information on HELLA’s applications engineering service.)

HELLA integrated a basic version of the patented MustADD® filter into the AS200 FF to ensure the optical system remains virtually dust free over the product’s life in the adverse atmospheres typically encountered in mining. (See technical section for more information.)

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  • AUV resistant polymer body
  • Integral “non-snag” handle
  • Stainless steel bracket Draco® suspension Free-Form wide and narrow beam optics
  • MustADD® filter
  • Double insulated silicone supply cable with DT or AMP plug
  • O-ring seals
  • Components tested over a –40ºC to
  • +105ºC temperature range
  • H3 Halogen 70W 24V supplied
  • H3 Halogen 55W 12V can be fitted
  • IP6K5K
  • 50G shock resistant lamp
  • Protective clear covers available
  • Consumable spares interchangeable with HELLA AS500 FF Halogen range
AS200 FF Halogen with AMP plug with DT plug
  • HM8156
    Clear Protective Cover – AS200 H3

  • HM8156 AMBER
    Amber Protective Cover – AS200 H3

    Insert – Wide Beam

    Insert – Narrow Beam

  • YC2470
    Bulb – H3 24V 70W

  • YC1255LL
    Bulb – H3 12V 55W Long Life

More information on this product
35W Xenon gas discharge lighting systems pioneered by HELLA have set the standard across the world for delivering optimum visual acuity and comfort to professional work lamp users. The integral electronic ballast fitted to the AS200 FF range is specifically designed for continuous operation in mining applications. (See technical section for more information.)

Safe and reliable electrical connection is facilitated via a short length of highly flexible double insulated cable, terminated with either DT or AMP connectors; other connector options can be supplied as special orders.

AS200 FF lights use a highly corrosion resistant heavy-duty, steel reinforced, UV-resistant polymer body, featuring an integral non-snag handle for adjustment and handling. A lens-retaining ring enables easy routine service access from the front while high temperature O-ring seals ensure effective sealing.

The supplied stainless steel mounting hardware is non-resonant and highly corrosion resistant. The AS200 FF features integral DRACO® dampers in the bracket system to reduce the intensity of shock and vibration communicated to the light. (See technical section for more information.)

Sustainable use of resources and high ownership value is ensured through the modular system design, enabling AS200 FF users to repair, or recycle their lights into new applications. Ballasts can be replaced or exchanged to suit different supply voltage values and beam-spread types can be changed.

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